Tuesday, July 17, 2012


On hiatus:

Dear friends, listeners, and anyone that may have accidentally come across this site,

            After nearly thirty weeks of fun, JB Radio will be taking a break until further notice. Some might even use the word “hiatus”. Regardless, the show will be wrapped in bubble paper, placed in a cardboard box, taped securely shut, and labeled “studio”, and be stored accordingly. This is not meant to be a sad, pitiful, “feel bad” type of letter.
            Although it’s only a one-hour a week show, a lot of work is put into it. From arranging interviews, website/social media updates, and fan mail, the time adds up. (I made up the fan mail part.) Rob and JB both have full-time jobs AND part-time jobs on top of other adult responsibilities. Spare time is especially rare during the summer with both guys djing weddings & other events, and summer concerts and festivals. Aside from time availability issues, there have been numerous technical issues as of late. Let’s face it, Comcast Internet is unreliable. This Internet issue effects the live stream as well as phone interviews. Rather than pre-recording the show, JB Radio will be off air. At this time it is best to focus on improving the technical issues first and then get the show back on the air after. For two weeks in a row there was technical work being done during live shows, which causes the hosts to lose focus and quite frankly makes the show sound like crap and a waste of time.

            When will the show return? There isn’t an answer for that at this time. Although Rob and JB would love to get it going immediately it just isn’t possible. When the show does return, it’ll be better than ever. That last sentence may have been a stretch. The show will still be amusing and more. Don’t kick us off Facebook and Twitter just yet, we’ll still update from time to time. Also, check out JB on TOUT!

                        The guy typing this message.

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  1. I'm sorry for the trouble with your Comcast. Please email our team at the address below with a link to this blog post. Please also include the address of service and your best contact number. We will work with our area contacts to see your internet troubles are fully investigate and resolved so you can get your show back up ASAP.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,
    Melissa Mendoza
    Digital Media Specialist
    National Customer Operations
    +Melissa Mendoza